Lavender Field in Sault, Provence ©Unfolding Provence | organic true lavender

Picture this.

It’s July in Provence. The sun is blazing.

You’ve decided to follow one of the ‘Lavender Roads’ itineraries in search of the blue/violet fields raved about.

En route, you also found out that true lavender, considered the finest, grows on higher ground and bonus, it’s cooler there.

You spot your first dark blue field.

Your heart accelerates with excitement.

And then, before you, below in the valley, you notice the patchwork of different shades of blue.

Now, the heady herbal scent hits you.

You have arrived.

You find a spot to park your car nearby, get out and walk slowly to the first plant.

The perfume of lavender lingers in the warm air.

Like a child in a sweet shop, you can’t wait…You pick a flower and gently, you rub it in your hands to better inhale.

Feeling a bit giddy, you look around and take in the butterflies floating from flower to flower and the bees buzzing,…

It’s time for a few photos. But then it dawns on you that a few photos won’t do it. You also need a bottle of that essence.

Fortunately, on the ‘Lavender Road’ you’ll probably encounter a few distilleries or artisan shops that sell the local essential oil.

That’s your next stop.

An Essence of Provence

First of all look around. What’s on offer? Is it just one type of essential oil? Take the time to smell the tester bottles. Different years, different lavender types give a different perfume.

I recommend you get a small bottle or two, 10 ml minimum, of essential oil of true lavender (lavande fine, lavandula angustifolia), preferably organic and from Provence (of course!). But if you prefer the smell of another lavender get that one or why not get both.

It’s important you take into account your preferred scent: it will have a stronger effect on you.

Back at home, every time you think of Provence, you can fetch your little bottle, unscrew the bottle top, trickle a drop onto your handkerchief or the back of your hand and deeply inhale the calming scent. As if by magic, you’ll be transported straight back there.

That’s not all though.

As well as a memory trigger, this little bottle will become an ally to your well-being. One you can use in more ways than one, like many provençal people do.

Do you have a bottle of true lavender essential oil at home?